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Ahlen Foundation / Middle East

Qatar National Bank (QNB):
Account Number: 0260192420001  / Swift Code: QNBAQAQA

Doha Bank (DB):
Account Number: 2224677001100 / Swift Code: DOHBQAQA

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB):
Account Number (USD): 200152289 / Account (EURO): 100274443 / Swift Code: QISBQAQA

Doha Bank (Dubai Branch, UAE):
Account Number (AED): 502-21803-23-20-0 / SWIFT code: DOHBAEAD

Mashreq Bank (Doha, Qatar):
Account Number (EURO):  029100007178 / Swift Code: MSHQQAQA

Ahlen Foundation / Europe

Bank of Cyprus:
Account Number: 0155-01-122693-00 / IBAN No.: CY95 0020 0155 0000 0001 1226 9300

National Bank of Greece:
Account Number: 671-30493884 / SWIFT code: ETHNGAA
Contact for donations: